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Muxup is created and maintained by Alex Bradbury. It aims to serve as a technical blog and index to my open source projects. See also: Muxup on Github and on Twitter.

Unless otherwise noted, all content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. The drawn images in the footer are taken from Google's Quick, Draw! dataset (also licensed under CC-BY 4.0).

Site structure

Pages that are intended to be continually updated are at unprefixed paths (e.g. /foo), otherwise pages are placed in a sub-directory reflecting the date (year+quarter) they were published (e.g. /2022q3/foo).

When a page receives updates after its initial publication, a short summary of the changes is displayed under the "Article changelog" heading. If the changes are not marked as being minor, the page will be moved to the top of the home page and RSS feed.

Implementation notes

Muxup is a static site generated by a simple Python script and served using Caddy. I used Mistletoe for Markdown parsing (with Pygments providing syntax highlighting for code blocks) but otherwise have very few dependencies outside of the standard library. The variable version of the Nunito font is used throughout the site. I've written a small amount of JS (minified by terser in order to provide prefetching of internal links and the highlighter effect used for titles.

The design and CSS that implements it is my own and hopefully meets the goal of cleanly displaying primarily textual content without getting in the way, while adding a splash of colour and personality.

See Muxup implementation notes for further implementation details.

Muxup is a hobby site and I wouldn't want it to appear too corporate - crudely drawn doodles of animals are a well known method to avoid this risk. The Quick, Draw! dataset provides a rich source of such images and means I don't have to expose my own terrible drawing skills to the internet.

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