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simple-reload provides a straight-forward (~30 lines of JS and zero server-side requirements) way of reloading a web page as it is iteratively developed or modified. Once activated, a page will be reloaded whenever it regains focus.

If you encounter any problems, please file an issue on the simple-reload GitHub repository.


Mature solutions like LiveReload are available, which makes a different set of trade-offs. Please read this section carefully to determine if simple-reload makes sense for you:




<script type="module">
// Set to true to enable reloading from first load.
const enableByDefault = false;
// Firefox triggers blur/focus events when resizing, so we ignore a focus
// following a blur within 200ms (assumed to be generated by resizing rather
// than human interaction).
let blurTimeStamp = null;
function focusListener(ev) {
  if (ev.timeStamp - blurTimeStamp >= 200) {
function blurListener(ev) {
  if (blurTimeStamp === null) {
    window.addEventListener("focus", focusListener);
  blurTimeStamp = ev.timeStamp;
function deactivate() {
  window.removeEventListener("focus", focusListener);
  window.removeEventListener("blur", blurListener);
  document.title = document.title.replace(/^\u27F3 /, "");
  window.addEventListener("dblclick", activate, { once: true });
function activate() {
  sessionStorage.setItem("simple-reload", "activated");
if (enableByDefault || sessionStorage.getItem("simple-reload") == "activated") {
  document.title = "\u27F3 " + document.title;
  sessionStorage.setItem("simple-reload", "activated");
  window.addEventListener("blur", blurListener);
  window.addEventListener("dblclick", deactivate, { once: true });
} else {
  window.addEventListener("dblclick", activate);


Paste the above code into the <head> or <body> of a HTML file. You can then enable the reload behaviour by double-clicking on a page (double-click again to disable again). The title is prefixed with ⟳ while reload-on-focus is enabled. If you'd like reload-on-focus enabled by default, just flip the enableByDefault variable to true. You could either modify whatever you're using to emit HTML to include this code when in development mode, or configure your web server of choice to inject it for you.

The enabled/disabled state of the reload logic is scoped to the current tab, so will be maintained if navigating to different pages within the same domain in that tab.

In terms of licensing, the implementation is so straight-forward it hardly feels copyrightable. Please consider it public domain, or MIT if you're more comfortable with an explicit license.

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