Commercially available RISC-V silicon

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The RISC-V instruction set architecture has seen huge excitement and growth in recent years (10B cores estimated to have shipped as of Dec 2022) and I've been keeping very busy with RISC-V related work at Igalia. I thought it would be fun to look beyond the cores I've been working with and to enumerate the SoCs that are available for direct purchase or in development boards that feature RISC-V cores programmable by the end user. I'm certain to be missing some SoCs or have some mistakes or missing information - any corrections very gratefully received at or @asbradbury. I'm focusing almost exclusively on the RISC-V aspects of each SoC - i.e. don't expect a detailed listing of other on-chip peripherals or accelerators.

A few thoughts

64-bit Linux-capable application processors

Embedded / specialised SoCs (mostly 32-bit)

Bonus: Other SoCs that don't match the above criteria or where there's insufficient info

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